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Banja Komerc Bekament Ltd.

About the company

Company Banja Komerc Bekament Ltd.was founded in 1992 and for more than 20 years it is successfully processing and manufacturing grinded materials out of famous « marble from the Venčac Mountain ».

Our program consists of: finishing coats for internal and external wall surfaces, construction glues, fillers for plastering and grouting, lime-concrete mechanical mortars, mineral thin layered decoration plaster (powdery), thin layered decorative plaster in pasty state, emulsions and bases, floor materials, finest calcium-carbonate fillers and other materials for construction work. All products are having adequate quality attests.

All of our products are sold on the market under the brand name BEKAMENT.

Since its establishment BANJA KOMERC outlined development path which is based on:

  • Top level and constant development of all products
  • Meeting all realistic customer requests
  • Permanent improvement of technological production process
  • Self-development with follow up and application of worldwide accomplishments
  • Healthy relationship with business partners, and all other manufacturers in the countries where our products are sold
  • Affordable prices and optimal ratio of price and quality


A list of projects in which the company Banja Komerc Bekament Ltd. included the highest quality materials from its production program is constantly increasing, and some of the major projects are:

1. Residential complex Belville, New Belgrade
2. Hotel Panonija
3. Banja Komerc Bekament, administrative building, Aranđelovac
4. Residential building, Braće Jerković, Belgrade
5. Darex, factory for the production of plywood and carpeting, Ivanjica
6. Gala market, Kraljevo
7. National Museum, Kruševac
8. Penal and Correctional Facility, Kruševac
9. Mozaik Niš, Residential and commercial building
10. Brzeće, Residential and commercial building
11. 4 Juli kasarna, Residential and commercial building
12. Blok 11, New Belgrade
13. Interkontinental, Hotel, Belgrade
14. Aqua Park Soko Banja
15. Winery Rončević, Kraljevo
16. Stable Kelebija, Subotica
17. Shopping mall Outlet, Subotica
18. Zemun, Residential building
19. Crveni Krst, Residential building
20. Ante Bogićevića, Beograd, Residential and commercial building
21. Veljko Vlahovic Voždovac, Belgrade, Residential building
22. Milana Tepića, Belgrade, Residential building
23. Faleti, Residential building
24. Gavrila Principa, Belgrade, Residential and commercial building
25. Delta City, Shopping mall, Belgrade
26. Kragujevac, Residential building
27. Čelebić, Bar, Crna Gora, Residential building
28. Galop group, Budva, Crna Gora
29. Military building, Podgorica, Crna Gora
30. Podgorica, Crna Gora, Residential building
31. Tivat, Crna Gora, Residential building
32. Nukleus, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
33. Eurostan, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Residential and commercial building
34. Tibra Pacifik (Nexus buildings), Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Residential and commercial building
35. Lukoil Gas stations Kumanovo, Gevgelija, Skopje, Ohrid, Macedonia
36. Briliant, Štip, Macedonia, administrative building
37. City gradnja Novi Sad
38. Dom ,,Kolegijum Evropa,, Novi Sad
39. Ingrad Jeronimova
40. Kraljevo-Jug Bogdanova
41. Medicinski fakultet Kosovska Mitrovica
42. Zgrada DDOR-a, Novi Sad
43. Silikonska fasada sa kamenom vunom