Bekatherm EPS 30

EPS boards of expanded polystyrene

Bekatherm EPS 30


Bekatherm EPS 30 is a thermal insulation board made of expanded polystyrene without adding any additives in the production process in accordance with SRPS EN 13163. It is used in construction for thermal insulation purposes in areas with low thermal insulation requirements as well as low mechanical properties requirements. Its best application is as a fill in partition walls where there is a partial requirement for soundproofing. It is used in accordance with the declared thermal and mechanical properties


Depending on the intended use and location in the structure, thermal insulation boards are installed by bonding, mechanical fastening or by free laying. When bonding, adhesives from the group intended for bonding EPS boards such as BK EPS Kleber Gun, BK-StirolFix Base, BK-StirolFix WDVS, BK-StirolFix 1 or BK-StirolFix Special should be used, depending on the characteristics of the substrate and the conditions of use of the object . If the fastening is performed mechanically, the use of fasteners (special screws, dowels, etc. ) manufactured for this purpose is necessary. Regardless of the choice of installation technique, the product is installed according to generally recognized technical rules.