Covering coating for wood and metal


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Universal glossy water-based coating for wood and metal. It is suitable for the decoration and protection of wood in exterior and interior, as well as for coating of inner metal surfaces under less load. It is suitable for the decorative protection of windows, doors, blinds, garden joinery, fences and the like. High-quality resin in synergy with UV-stable pigments, provides the optimal protection of wood from the effects of UV rays, moisture and other external influences. The product has no unpleasant odor.


The compound should be homogenized well by stirring before use, and if necessary, it can be diluted with up to 5% of water if applied by brush or roller, and up to 10%, if applied by spraying. Due to the fast drying, it is recommended to apply in strips without interruption, and spread the possible drops quickly to avoid their drying. Apply BK-AquaEmajl in two, three or more coats to the substrate prepared according to the instructions given. When applied by spraying, at least 80-100 µm of wet paint film should be applied in one coat, and the thickness should be checked repeatedly between applications with a wet paint film meter. No color correction is allowed between applications. The drying time between coats is 4 do 6 h in normal conditions (23°C and 50-60% r. h.).


60-80 ml/m² for single coat application.


650 ml