BK-Delux Semi Matt

High quality acrylic water washable dispersion for interior walls

BK-Delux Semi Matt

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Water washable, high white dispersion paint made on the basis of high quality acrylic dispersion, intended for indoor use. It is produced in different levels of gloss: semi-matt and matt. It has excellent resistance to abrasion, spillage and covering power. It can be cleaned with water, universal cleaning agent and disinfectants. It is applicable for decorative protection of interior wall and ceiling surfaces in residential, business and public buildings, as well as where there is a need for occasional cleaning of wall surfaces. It is classified as ecological wall paints that are not harmful to human health and the environment, it does not contain organic solvents.


The surface on which the paint is applied must be solid, clean, dry and impregnated with BK-Substrate. The preparation of the paint is done by adding about 5-10% of water (0.05-0.1 l of water for 1l of product, 0.125-0.25 l of water for 2.5l of product, 0.25-0.5 l of water for 5l of product, 0.5-1 l of water for 10l of product), with good mixing until complete homogenization. Application is usually done with a short-haired roller and, if necessary, by brush or spray, usually in two layers. The application of the second layer is done after complete drying of the first layer, which under normal conditions (T = + 23-25 ​​ºC, relative humidity = 50-60%) requires 4-6 h. Subsequent color corrections during installation (additional dilution, addition of pigment, etc.) are not allowed. See product data sheet for more detailed instructions.


About 65-75 ml / m² for two-layer coating.


36 months in the original packaging. Store at temperatures from + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C, protected from sunlight and frost.


1 l; 2.5 l; 5 l; 10 l