Extruded polystyrene boards


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BK-Dur, waffle is a thermal insulation board made of extruded polystyrene foam, ribbed surface structure, resistant to water (moisture) and high pressure loads. It is intended for insulation of new buildings and renovation of existing buildings.
Hard-pressed polystyrene foam boards with a closed-cell structure allow the building to “breathe”. This is achieved by a special mixture and composition of cells in combination with the treated surface.
It is used for insulation of foundations, insulation of floors with high pressure load, perimeter insulation, insulation of flat roofs.


The product should be applied up to the recommended temperature. When exposed to a higher temperature than recommended, which is a maximum of 75C, the plates can soften, permanently deform, change dimensions, melt or become brittle and lose mechanical properties.

The product can only be glued with adhesives based on cement, bitumen or plastic materials. The adhesive must not contain chemically soluble agents, which can react with the boards in a way that softens them, causes shrinkage and even dissolution, which can result in the loss of basic properties.

The product is installed in accordance with the general rules for performing thermal insulation works in construction.