BK-Fas Acryl

Acrylic dispersion for exterior walls

BK-Fas Acryl

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Acrylic dispersion paint for protection and decoration of new and old facade surfaces. It is produced from high quality raw materials, provides excellent coverage and water repellency, is resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric influences. Due to its high resistance, it is also suitable for use on the interior walls of public and residential buildings. Possible to tint in more than 3200 shades.


The substrate to which the dispersion is applied must be solid, clean, dry and coated with BK-Ultra Prime universal primer or BK-Acryl sturctural primer. The preparation of the paint is performed by adding up to 15 % of water (0.15 l of water for 1l of the packaging, 0.45 l of water for 3l of the packaging, 0.75 l of water for 5l of the packaging, 2.25 l of water for 15l of the packaging), with good stirring until complete homogenization. BK-Fas Acryl is usually applied with a long-hair roller in two coats. The second layer is applied after complete drying of the first, which under normal conditions (T=+23-25°C and 50-60% r. h. ) requires 4-6 hours. It is necessary to work evenly and without interruption on continuous surfaces. See product datasheet for more detailed instructions.


From +5°C to +30°C. Do not work under direct sunlight, rain or strong wind.


Approx. 150-300 ml/m² depending on the absorbency and roughness of the substrate.


18 months in original sealed packing. Store at temperatures from +5°C to +25°C, protected from direct sunlight and frost.


1 l; 3 l; 5 l; 15 l