BK-GletEx Universal

Skimming compound for machine and manual leveling of interior walls

BK-GletEx Universal

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Skimming compound for thin-layered leveling of interior walls. Used for manual and machine application up to a maximum thickness of 3 mm.


The substrate to which BK-GletEx Universal is applied, must be solid, clean and dry, without loosely bonded parts, grease stains, etc. In case of application to high-quality mineral surfaces as well as to well-set dispersion paints, it is necessary to previously apply BK-Ultra Prime primer, in order to achieve better adhesion of the skim coat. In case of highly absorbent surfaces, impregnation with BK-Nivelator can be performed. In case of peeled off, worn and/or dusty surfaces, all loosely bonded layers must be removed and then impregnated with BK-Penetrat. The preparation of the compound is done by adding the powder in about 37% of water (9.0-9.5l of water for 25 kg of product) to achieve a homogeneous mixture, without lumps. Allow the compound to rest for at least 10 minutes, before stirring once more, and if necessary add water to adjust the consistency. The compound is usually applied in two layers, mechanically or by hand, with a total thickness of up to 3 mm. The second layer is applied after complete drying of the first one, and after each layer the possible folds should be processed with sandpaper, with grain size 180-240 depending on the technique and purpose. See product datasheet for more detailed instructions.


Approximately 1-1. 5 kg/m² depending on roughness of the surface.


12 months in original packaging in dry room on pallets.


25 kg