BK-Grund Silicat

Structural primer for silicate renders and paints

BK-Grund Silicat

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Structural silicate primer for coating the lime, lime-cement and cement surfaces in order to provide uniformity, neutralization and hardening of the substrate before applying silicate paints and silicate decorative renders. It is advisable to tint the BK-Grund Silicat primer in the same shade as the finish. Can be used both in exteriors and interiors.


The substrate to which BK-GrundSilicat is applied must be solid, clean, dry and free of oil. BK-Grund Silicat primer should be mixed and diluted with approximately 15% of water (1.2l of water for 8kg of product, 3.75 l of water for 25 kg of product) before use. It is applied with a long-hair roller or brush in one coat. The time required for drying until applying the finishing coat is at least 12 hours. During installation, the temperature should be from +15°C to +30°C, relative humidity not exceeding 70%. See the product datasheet for more detailed instructions.


Approximately 0. 2-0. 25 kg/m² depending on absorbency and roughness of the wall surface.


12 months in original sealed packing. Store at temperatures from +5°C to 25°C, protected from direct sunlight and frost.


8 kg; 25 kg