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Decorative multicolored grain mosaic render for permanent protection of facade surfaces. It features exceptional strength, water repellency and weather resistance. Not recommended for large facade areas. Limit application to details (plinths, pillars and other less unconnected surfaces).


1.5 mm.


The surface to which render is applied must be solid, clean and dry, with no loose parts, free of oil stains and similar. Prior to application, the substrate must be coated with BK-Acryl or BK-Grund Universal primer, tinted in an approximate shade of the final plaster.Primer drying time before applying render should be at least12 h.
If applied on thermal insulation systems, it is necessary to apply BK-Penetrate on the adhesive layer first. After drying BK-Penetrate, apply BK-Acryl or BK-Grund Universal substrate in an approximate shade of mosaic plaster.
Stir BK-Kul before application until the mass foams and, if necessary, dilute with a small amount of water (up to 1%; 0.25 l of water for a package of 25 kg).
Mix the material by pouring it from one to another bin, manually or by electric stirrer at low speed. The render is applied with a steel trowel from the bottom upwards in the thickness of 2-2. 5 mm. The applied layer should be well aligned to eliminate visible gaps between marble grains. It is necessary to work evenly and without interruption on continuous wall surfaces. It is not intended for installation on façade surfaces within thermal insulation systems. Restrict application to details (plinths, pillars and other minor unrelated surfaces). See product datasheet for more detailed instructions.


From +5°C to +30°C. Do not work under direct sunlight, rain or strong wind. High humidity and low temperatures can significantly extend the render bonding time.


Approx. 5 kg/m².


18 months in original sealed packing. Store at temperatures from +5°C to +25°C, protected from direct sunlight and frost.


8 kg, 25 kg.