BK-Liv 10

Self-leveling floor compound

BK-Liv 10

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High-strength self-leveling compound for thin-layer leveling of concrete surfaces and cement screeds / screeds before gluing parquet, ceramics, PVC and other floor coverings, in residential, commercial and similar buildings. The product is not intended for a top coat. The thickness of the layer is from 2mm to 10mm, and the drying time is 12h/mm thick. It is used for interior and exterior surfaces (exterior in a system with BK-HidroStop waterproofi ng coatings). Suitable in underfl oor heating system.


The substrate on which the mass is applied must be fi rm, clean, free of grease and poorly bonded parts and well dusted. Before applying BK-Liv 10, it is necessary to impregnate the surface of BK-Bond with a substrate diluted according to the instructions. The preparation of the mass is done by adding powder in 21% water (5,3 l of water for 25 kg of product), until complete homogenization. Be sure to adhere to the recommended percentage of water, because deviations in water dosing aff ect the quality of BK-Liv 10. Leave the mass to stand for 5 minutes and then stir again. The mass is poured on the base and spread with the help of a notched trowel. Especially carefully at the corners. After pouring, it is desirable to coat the surface with a special needle roller (“hedgehog” roller), in order to expel air bubbles. See the product data sheet for detailed instructions.


About 1,4-1,5 kg/m²/mm thick.


12 months in the original packaging in a dry room on pallets.


25 kg