BK – Tape

Elastic waterproofing tape

BK – Tape


Permanently elastic waterproofing tape based on polypropylene fabric with alkaline protection with rubber lining. Highly elastic, perfectly covering cracks, provides high diffusion resistance to radon. Resists different temperatures, salts, diluted acids and alkaline waters. Used in combination with Bekament waterproofing coatings such as:  BK-HidroStop 1, BK-HidroStop 2, BK-HidroStop Extra and BK-HidroStop Extra 5/5.
The BK-Tape waterproofing tape is used for elastic and permanent closure of cracks at contact points or corners, cracks on walls and surfaces, drainage pipes in swimming pools, cisterns and showers and for connecting vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Apply the BK-Tape waterproofing tape to the first layer of fresh waterproofing coating and press it firmly into the corners with a putty knife. If there is residual air under the tape, squeeze it out. After the first coat has hardened, apply the second coat over the entire surface including the ends of the BK-Tape waterproofing tape.