Make your memories last forever

Make your memories last forever

Make your memories last forever

Make your memories last forever

Do you keep your grandmother's old cupboard that you would never replace with a modern one? You probably do, because it is an inseparable part of your family heritage. You do not give it up, but try to fit it into the overall ambience and atmosphere of your home and think of the way you will use it and of the place where it will stand. However, without proper protection, a wooden cupboard may quickly become worn-out and lose its functionality. How to extend its durability?

Following the current trends in the field of wood and metal protection and decoration, Bekament has developed the PROTECTART product line. PROTECTART products not only protect, but also enrich the space with a wide range of colors.

Depending on the materials used in manufacturing items you want to protect or “refresh”, you will need high-quality coatings. Below you can find several products whose characteristics can meet even the most sophisticated demands when it comes to durability and aesthetic appearance of usable elements in your home and environment.

If you want to protect wooden windows, doors, railings and paneling, there are transparent coatings or glaze, which protect the wood from water and other atmospheric conditions, giving it the desired aesthetic characteristics.


BK-Lasur Gold, a thick-layered transparent coating for wood, is made of wax, alkyd resins, UV-stable pigments and solvents.

PROTECTART also offers environmentally friendly, transparent, water-based coatings, which are easy to use and suitable for decorative wood protection in outdoor and indoor environments. The products are suitable for the treatment of pieces of furniture, and even for beautifying wooden birdhouses and houses for your pets.

Garden furniture and other pieces of furniture outdoors are constantly exposed to various weather conditions such as sunlight, rain or snow, and it is necessary to take certain measures to protect them and restore their original appearance.
The best way to “breathe life” into them is to use oil and nitro-based PROTECTART coatings for decoration and protection of metals and wood in the interior and exterior (joinery, fences, gates, metal structures).

If you are a fan of sailing on sunny days, it is necessary to take adequate care of your boat and prepare it for the warm season.
We suggest you BK-Marine, a colorless high-gloss coating, designed to protect boats, ship floors and other woodwork in the interior and exterior. It is resistant to water, mechanical and atmospheric influences.

In addition to coatings for universal protection of metal and wood surfaces, PROTECTART also offers a coating for decorative protection of radiators and similar metal heating surfaces that can become a beautiful decoration of your interior. The coatings are resistant to wear and temperatures up to 120°C.

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