When decorating a modern home, great attention is paid to the bathroom with the aim to equip it in a modern way. The first step in creating a functional and aesthetically unique bathroom is the installation of bathroom waterproofing.

The bathroom occupies about 10% of the surface area of the house or apartment, but as a room it is used daily for refreshment, which makes it one of the most sensitive parts of the home.

If you have ever faced moisture and the appearance of mold in the bathroom, you are aware of the fact how long it takes to repair it.

Improper installation of waterproofing in the bathroom or lack thereof can impair the aesthetic appearance of the room and negatively affect human health.

To prevent possible problems that can occur under the influence of water and moisture, special attention should be paid to proper installation of waterproofing.

In this blog we will point out the problems that inadequate waterproofing of the bathroom can cause.

In addition, we will talk about the advantages of properly selected and installed waterproofing, and how to recognize and choose it.

Finally, we will present cement and acrylic waterproofing coatings as the type of material that contractors most often use and recommend on a daily basis.

Poor waterproofing affects your health and household budget

Regardless of whether it is a new bathroom or a bathroom that is already in use, incorrectly installed or poorly chosen waterproofing can cause additional difficulties and make lasting consequences.

It can affect your health and lead to additional costs.

The appearance of mold and moisture on the walls disrupts the appearance of the bathroom and staying in such a room becomes uncomfortable.

The air is heavy and gets an unpleasant smell, and all together it negatively affects the mood and health of you and your family.

Unhygienic and damp walls affect the user because the daily stay in inconspicuous rooms gradually leads to bad mood and negative feelings.

The appearance of moisture, mold, bacteria and fungi on the walls due to inadequately constructed or damaged waterproofing affects physical and mental health.

The biggest difficulties arise when water from your bathroom finds a way to leak into a neighbor’s apartment.

Then the condition becomes urgent because the subsequent repair of the waterproofing implies an urgent procedure that requires a lot of time and resources.

Old tiles must be demolished, and new ones must be installed in their place. Construction work can take weeks, and the damage also needs to be compensated to the neighbor.

In other words, well-chosen and installed waterproofing in the bathroom and hiring professionals saves money and increases the value of your facility. 

A space that is safely and long-term protected from the penetration of water and moisture improves the aesthetics and appearance of your bathroom.

Advantages of high-quality waterproofing

The task of waterproofing in the bathroom is to ensure a dry inter-floor structure and thus provide favorable conditions for living in all rooms of the house or apartment, and not only in the bathroom or toilet.

With its chemical composition waterproofing prevents the passage of water and moisture penetration from the bathroom or toilet to other rooms.

High-quality waterproofing of the bathroom, above all, protects the walls and ceiling from damage caused by water.

The key role of the waterproofing layer in the bathroom is to stop the penetration of water and moisture through the walls and ceiling.

In addition, water leakage through the floor and formation of cracks in the walls are prevented. Then, the possibility of ceramic tiles falling off and paint peeling off – which is a common thing in wet and damp bathrooms, is prevented.

It is necessary to hire professionals and experts who will properly select and apply proven waterproofing systems.

Wrongly selected and applied waterproofing will cause additional damage. That is why you need to rely on examples of good practice and expert advice.

Listen to expert advice

The largest number of construction professionals, contractors and tilers in Serbia recommend and use polymer cement coating as bathroom waterproofing. The advantage of this coating is that it is affordable and can be easily applied on curved surfaces, edges and corners. Such places could be significantly harder and more expensive to be well waterproofed with bituminous tapes or other sealants. In other words, polymer cement coating is a Best Buy!

Once dried, the polymer cement coating forms permanent waterproof membrane 2 to 3 mm thick. Water cannot leak through floors, walls or joints.

The appearance of moisture or mold is prevented. It’s about cost-effective and long-lasting solution due to its durability, wide applicability and stability.

There are several different cement waterproofing on the local market, one-component or two-component packaging, based on portland cement, polymer binders and additives.

Bekament products:

BK-HidroStop Base

BK-HidroStop 1

BK-HidroStop 2

BK-HidroStop 5/5

BK-HidroStop Extra

are waterproofing coatings for horizontal and vertical protection of surfaces against moisture, for outdoor and indoor use. Each one is individually adapted, through its features and functional properties, to the appropriate surfaces and different user requirements.

In addition to polymer cement waterproofing, the market also offers acrylic-based waterproofing. It is a liquid, ready to use, waterproofing.

BK-HidroStop Premium is a flexible one-component waterproofing coating based on polymer emulsion for horizontal and vertical protection of internal surfaces against moisture before laying tiles, which is characterized by a fine final structure of blue color. It is suitable for use in systems with underfloor heating, and has a special application for waterproofing surfaces made of gypsum plasterboard.

Choice of the type of waterproofing coating depends on the position and role the membrane should play. But, in both cases, the procedure of proper installation of waterproofing is crucial.

It is necessary to follow the recommendations and instructions of the manufacturer.

Long-lasting waterproofing

Bathroom waterproofing is installed only once, but you will use your bathroom every day. Therefore, the greatest possible attention should be paid to its selection and installation.

A large number of contractors use a polymer-cement waterproofing coating as a material that has been best proven in practice.

In addition, a large number of satisfied customers are the best guarantee that with BEKAMENT products, your bathroom will be permanently protected from floods, spills and moisture.

High-quality bathroom waterproofing provides safe and long-lasting protection from the penetration of water and moisture, protects your health and does not expose you to unforeseen costs.

Also watch the video “How to properly install a system for waterproofing and laying tiles in the bathroom?” on our YouTube channel.

Want to find out more? For additional information regarding waterproofing systems, prices and installation methods, you can contact the Bekament professional technical support team via email tehnicka.podrska@bekament.com.

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