What are the advantages of installing a quality facade?

What are the advantages of installing a quality facade?

What are the advantages of installing a quality facade?

What are the advantages of installing a quality facade?

Savings with the help of a quality facade

What would the savings on heating and cooling costs of up to 40% mean for your home budget? From month to month, the lack of a quality facade is the main cause of high costs for heating and cooling. According to the report of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia, owners of family houses spend the amount in the range from 543 EUR to 975 EUR per year for heating residential space of 100 m2. In average, that’s approximately 759 EUR per heating season or as much as 18.977 EUR for a period of 25 years. When cooling costs are added, the figures are even higher.

The data of the Ministry of Mining and Energy draw attention to the fact that more than 70% of houses in Serbia does not have high-quality, and most often any thermal insulation of the facade. Due to poor quality facade systems even 40% of energy for heating and cooling is wasted. It’s an approximate loss of 126 EUR per household per year, and Serbia has 2,487,880 households. When the thermal insulation is not of good quality, money “leaks through the walls”.

Safety outside, warmth inside

In order to avoid unpleasant experiences and situations, it is necessary to keep in mind that poor installation of the facade can produce numerous problems.

Improperly installed or poor-quality thermal insulation facade system can cause further damage to the owner of the building and produce insufficient cost savings in relation to the investment – which is a double loss. In the case of a poor-quality facade, problems such as unstable temperature and humidity in the house, condensation on the walls, mold in the corners, the appearance of cold bridges or a damaged appearance will not be solved.

Improperly installed thermal insulation facade system can hardly be repaired locally. In most cases, the complete installation must be completely repeated. Inadequate thermal insulation, without certified materials, is not subject to warranty, which excludes possible support from the manufacturer in the technical sense, as well as troubleshooting. So, a bad and incorrectly installed facade system can bring you more harm than good.

Therefore, for a pleasant stay in your house, quality thermal insulation is of the utmost importance. A well-insulated house is warm in winter, and protected from overheating in summer. No condensation and mold, and the manufacturer’s warranty lasts up to 25 years.

AII in one

A quality thermal insulation facade system saves you money and reduces bills by 10 to 40% per month. With it, the lifespan of your house becomes significantly longer, and the value of the property increases. The certified façade system is subject to the manufacturer’s guarantee, and a positive impact on the environment should be taken into account. First of all, the main advantage of quality facade systems lies in the fact that it is a solution without disadvantages.

If you own a family home, why waste your money unnecessarily if you don’t have to?

You will install the Bekatherm thermal insulation facade system once, and it will work for you in the long run to save on heating and cooling costs.

The absence of facade thermal insulation leads to unnecessary energy consumption and contributes to air pollution that we breathe every day. CO2 emissions are increasing, as is the consumption of limited natural resources.

So, high-quality thermal insulation also brings the positive impact on the environment.


Quality that lasts for decades

A quality facade system is, above all, a system of a reputable manufacturer that meets all the requirements prescribed by the Rulebook on Energy Efficiency of Buildings . As a regional leader in the production of finishing construction materials, Bekament offers several facade systems with advanced thermal insulation characteristics. As such, these façade systems can successfully meet all regulatory, user and market requirements. This is confirmed by the numerous certificates that the company has, as well as thousands of satisfied customers in over 10 EU countries and the region.

In addition, training and coaching are the foundation of the company’s decades-long success. In the Bekament training center, over 2,000 facades installers and other contractors acquire professional training and education in the field of finishing construction works every year. In addition to certified products, Bekament company also provides professional technical support when choosing materials.

The effect of real materials

Each system represents much more than a simple sum of parts. Small things make big differences. That is why Bekatherm thermal insulation facade systems consist of mutually harmonized materials of the highest quality. In addition to the insulation boards, the façade system also consists of mineral adhesive, glass mesh for reinforcement, corner moldings, primer and final façade render.

We offer four Bekatherm facade systems:

Bekatherm Standard White is the best-selling facade system and includes the most cost-effective solution for thermal insulation of facades. It is suitable for all types of substrates. It can be used for all new and old buildings. The basis of this system is an insulated board made of expanded polystyrene EPS – styrofoam. Properly installed thermal insulation facade system is characterized by resistance to UV radiation and atmospheric influences, quick and easy installation as well as exceptional workability of the material, and the finishing facade render offers a wide range of shades. All components of the Bekatherm Standard White facade system are ETA certified with a guarantee of up to 25 years.

Bekament Standard Graphite facade system has 20% higher thermal insulation properties compared to thermal insulation with white styrofoam insulation boards. The basis of this system is a graphite styrofoam insulation board. Properly installed thermal insulation facade system is characterized by excellent water repellency, exceptional workability and easy installation of materials. All components of the Bekatherm Standard Graphite facade system are ETA certified with a guarantee of up to 25 years.

Bekatherm Prestige is a high-quality facade system. The basis of this system is an insulating board or lamella of mineral (stone) wool. It is characterized by A2 class of incombustibility, excellent vapor permeability and sound insulation. All components of the Bekatherm Prestige facade system are ETA certified with a guarantee of up to 25 years.

Bekatherm Plus is a system characterized by exceptional water repellency, resistance to mechanical shocks, as well as UV radiation and atmospheric influences. In family houses, it is most often used to make plinths. The basis of this system is an insulating board made of extruded polystyrene (high-density styrofoam).

You can get acquainted with the importance of proper installation of thermal insulation facade systems through educational and meaningful video material (tutorial) which clearly, precisely and concretely explains this process.


Want to find out more? For additional information regarding facade systems, prices and installation methods, call Bekament professional technical support team 034 677 75 00.

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