What lies behind the wall color: bekament interior

What lies behind the wall color: bekament interior

What lies behind the wall color: bekament interior

What lies behind the wall color: bekament interior

Modern life implies a long stay indoors and can significantly affect our productivity and mood.

If you want the environment in which you live and spend most of your time to radiate warmth and comfort, it is important that you know what lies behind the wall color.

At the very beginning, we will reveal to you that colors have energy that is reflected in the living space, and in order for it to be used in the right way, first of all it is necessary to adequately prepare the walls and turn them into ideal canvases for projecting our desires and expressing our emotions.


If you have decided to go through changes this spring, follow us and find the motivation to create your dream corner.

We created BEKAMENT INTERIOR a comprehensive system solution containing products for all phases of interior wall treatment: products for wall preparation for rendering, cement-lime mortar, high-quality leveling compound (smoothing compound) and paints for interior walls.

Below you will find an educational tutorial that talks about the procedure of proper installation of systems for interior walls, but also about the products and tools used during the process.

You will get acquainted with everything that is hidden behind the paint, i.e. with the work procedure that is most often carried out by contractors – plastering and smoothing processes. Also, you will have the opportunity to educate yourself about those phases of work that you can carry out yourself, with the assistance of imagination or the help of dear people, and they include preparation of the substrate, selection and proper application of paint for interior walls.


Paint your world on your own

Given the frequency and ease of application of the last two phases – applying the primer and painting the walls, we want to bring you closer to this topic below.

In the previous blog you can read what meanings certain shades carried in historical periods and what symbolism they have according to Feng Shui, and today we are talking about how the power of colors can inspire you to feel like a real artist in your own home, at least for a few hours.

Although we have already told you which colors are trending in 2021 we want to remind you that the only truly right choice is the one your inner voice is whispering to you. The power is in your hands, so do not hesitate, but express your emotions and fantasies, and paint the environment in which you are staying in accordance with your own needs. Only in this way you will feel pleasant and comfortable in the atmosphere of your home.

Today, we will only motivate you to indulge in change.

Applying the primer

Before applying the wall paint, it is necessary to first coat the surface with a primer in order to even out the absorbency of the wall and improve the adhesion of the next layer, i.e. the paint.

The Bekament offer is rich in products for various purposes, and the items you need can be found here.  Our recommendation is BK – Podloga for interior walls, which is applied with a long-haired roller or spray. Before use, dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:9, and then apply it in one layer with light movements. The drying process takes 12 hours.

Choosing the right color for the walls

The final step involves selecting the shade of the finishing coat. Bekament color chart will allow you to easily decide on a wall color that suits your sensibility. And with the help of the Bekament Mix system and professional staff at the point of sale, the exact shade you imagined will be created.

The dispersion paint for interior walls shown through the video material refers to BK-Pol. This paint is characterized by good coverage and vapor permeability, and it is also resistant to dry wiping.

It is necessary to mix the paint well before use by adding 15-20% of water.  After that, you can step into the last phase of finishing the interior walls. Apply the dispersion paint in two thin layers on a dry and clean surface with a roller or brush. Our advice is to take a break of 4 to 6 hours between layers to dry.

In our range you can find other quality paints for interior walls BK- GoldBK-CrystalBK-Delux Semi matt, whose characteristics are adapted to different needs.

Be inspired by life, stay motivated, empowered by the need for action and encouraged by the examples of those who have already recognized the power of color.

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