Why is waterproofing important before laying ceramics?

Why is waterproofing important before laying ceramics?

Why is waterproofing important before laying ceramics?

Why is waterproofing important before laying ceramics?

Kitchen, bathroom, basement, balcony or roof are among the most sensitive parts of a residential or commercial space.

Worn-out insulation and waterproofing, damage to water pipes and damage to the roof or gutters are the most common causes of moisture penetration into the room, leading to the appearance of mold. Bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odors are something you do not want in your residential or commercial space.

In addition to disturbing the aesthetic appearance of a room, moisture and mold negatively affect the health of people living in it.

Whether we build a new building or do waterproofing, the first step is to choose the right solution for the project. When choosing a material, it is important to take into account the quality and durability of the materials we use, in addition to the price.


Bekament products of the HYDRO/CERAMIC system are characterized by reliability, durability and economy (good price/quality ratio and lower consumption).

The HYDRO product line provides safe and long-lasting protection against water and moisture penetration. This professional waterproofing system follows the latest trends in the industry. It is characterized by excellent water resistance and good value for money.

In a space that is safe and long-term protected from water and moisture penetration, we can start decorating in a relaxed way, to our taste, and in accordance with the needs and purpose of the space. The system for laying ceramics, natural stone and glass mosaics from the CERAMIC program enables the realization of the boldest ideas on the floors and walls of bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms.

The Bekament training center provides professional training for contractors on the topic of proper application of products from the HYDRO/CERAMIC line.

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