Art of life, with style

Art of life, with style

Art of life, with style

Art of life, with style

The appearance of interior wall surfaces has the power to transform the environment and make it more beautiful and pleasant.

So, use the walls as a painting canvas on which you can express your creativity and personal style.

There are endless possibilities for creating unique masterpieces on walls with the help of decorative techniques.

For all those who want to awaken the artist in themselves and create an unusual, luxurious and authentic interior they have always wanted, Bekament has prepared educational and inspiring videos that clearly, precisely and concretely explain the procedures of the three most popular decorative techniques for interior walls – Sunset, Iskra, and Perla.

The tutorials provide information about the proper application of decorative materials from the DÉCOR production line, as well as the final appearance of wall surfaces depending on the application of different styles and specific brush strokes, which creates distinctive shapes on a wall.

Below you can learn about the benefits of each of these three decorative techniques and watch the tutorials that can further inspire you to apply the acquired knowledge and arrange the living space according to your preferences


An interior decorated with the Sunset technique exudes harmony, sophistication and elegance.

When performing this decorative technique, BK-Sunset decorative paint with a pearlescent effect is used, which through a play of light and shadow, gives each wall surface a unique and sophisticated appearance.

A rich palette with over 200 selected attractive shades obtained from silver and gold bases is presented in the inspiring Sunset catalog.

By highlighting at least one wall with the Sunset decorative technique, the interior will get a completely new dimension.


The intriguing space completed by Iskra interior wall decoration fascinates with its attractiveness and beauty.

This decorative technique involves applying BK-Iskra decorative paint with a crystal effect that in a combination with natural and artificial light gives each environment a note of mysticism and seduction.

Painting the walls or ceiling using the Iskra decorative technique will enrich the interior and give it a special charm.


Perla decorative technique with the elegance of pearl shades brings a distinctive blend of baroque and modern style.

In this decorative technique, BK Perla decorative paste mass is applied, with a pearly shine and a refined mother-of-pearl structure that creates rich relief patterns.

Perla decorative technique creates a different finish on the wall depending on the application style and makes every corner of the home look timeless.

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