Bekament supports nurdor and their action “step ahead”

Bekament supports nurdor and their action “step ahead”

Bekament supports nurdor and their action “step ahead”

Bekament supports nurdor and their action “step ahead”

The Bekament Company has joined as a donor to the humanitarian action “Step forward” (Serbian: Pruzi korak), organized by the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR), to raise funds for the construction of parent accommodation in Belgrade.

The organization of such an important diplomatic visit included a meeting and a tour of the factory complex.

NURDOR has existed since 2003 and it has significantly improved the pediatric oncology sector in Serbia. Today, the Association has more than 1,000 volunteers all over Serbia and a huge number of successfully implemented projects.

At the moment, NURDOR has five parent and family accommodation centers in Belgrade, Nis, and Novi Sad.

Parent and family accommodation provides accommodation to families from other regions of Serbia whose children require treatment in one of these cities, and who are not able to find an adequate accommodation for themselves.

Family accommodation makes family members feel at home and helps children not to be deprived of their childhood, and parents not be deprived of their dignity.

The application “Step forward”, the pillar of this humanitarian project, counts the steps a person takes and converts them into dinars. Following that, socially responsible companies in Serbia “purchase the steps” and in that way make a donation to NURDOR for the construction of a new parent accommodation center in Belgrade.

Anyone can join a campaign, follow its course, and make their contribution by downloading “Step forward” mobile app on the Google Play Store/App Store.

As a socially responsible company, Bekament supports humane initiatives that are designed to improve the quality of life, and above all, those aimed at caring for people and society as a whole.

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