How to get flawless interior walls?

How to get flawless interior walls?

How to get flawless interior walls?

How to get flawless interior walls?

Modern life involves a long stay indoors and can significantly affect our productivity, mood and health.

That is why it is important to pay attention to interior design, because a clean, tidy and pleasant environment makes us feel good, inspires us and fills us with positive energy.

Impeccably finished wall surfaces require reliable, high-quality and easily workable technical and aesthetic solutions.

Bekament has developed the INTERIOR STANDARD system solution for interior walls which includes products for all stages of interior wall treatment, from the preparation of the wall for plastering, the use of high-quality leveling compounds, to the application of environmentally friendly interior paints.

Recognizing the importance and benefits of proper installation of the given system, the expert team of Bekament prepared educational and informative videos that clearly, precisely and concretely explain the implementation process and the importance of this solution.

The tutorial shows practical application of the materials from the INTERIOR product range and offers new knowledge about the proper installation procedure, that is, the professional application of each component of the system solution, products and tools used during the process.

By watching the video, you can learn all about the proper plastering procedure, preparation of wall surfaces for smoothing, as well as selection of the type and shade of the final layer that follows after wall preparation.

Selected shades can make your home a healthier, more pleasant and inspiring place to live, work, study, socialize, and relax.

Interior design can unleash your creativity and inspire you to apply the knowledge gained.

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