How to properly install a thermal insulation facade system?

How to properly install a thermal insulation facade system?

How to properly install a thermal insulation facade system?

How to properly install a thermal insulation facade system?

With bold innovation, Bekament is pushing the boundaries in different areas of business and continuously develops a range of high quality products for various purposes.

Bekament finds the strength for future success in a multitude of residential and commercial spaces that are safer, more beautiful and functional today thanks to the products and advanced solutions it sells.

But the authenticity of the company is also reflected in the sharing of knowledge, experience and support to all its employees, stakeholders and customers.

Recognizing the importance and benefits of proper installation of facade thermal insulation systems, Bekament’s team of experts has prepared educational and informative videos (tutorials) that clearly, precisely and concretely explain this process.

The tutorial presents in a relevant and practical way one of the important and complex processes in the segment of the construction industry, through the use of materials from the BEKATHERM product range.

In a simple way we can acquire new knowledge on the procedure of proper installation of thermal insulation and the professional application of each component of the system solution, products and tools used during the process.

The tutorial provides information about all the benefits of energy efficient buildings, which, in addition to providing pleasant and healthy living conditions, also contribute to the reduction of heating and cooling costs by up to 40%.

BEKATHERM thermal insulation facade systems, as the most cost-effective solutions, are suitable for all types of substrates, quickly and easily installed, and they provide long-lasting and reliable protection, comfort and warmth of commercial and residential buildings. They offer a wide range of finishing façade plaster shades, and top quality is confirmed by the ETA certificate and guarantee of up to 25 years.

You can watch the video on the following link:


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