New year’s interview: a review of business in 2019 and plans for the next year

New year’s interview: a review of business in 2019 and plans for the next year

New year’s interview: a review of business in 2019 and plans for the next year

New year’s interview: a review of business in 2019 and plans for the next year

Dejan Čolović, the owner of the company Banja Komerc Bekament

How do you assess the business of your company in 2019?

– Bekament’s business is guided by the principles of sustainable development and is focused on constant investment in technological innovation and human resources. By recognizing and following the growing needs of the domestic and foreign markets, we have significantly improved our production capacities in the last few years. New factory plants for the production of styrofoam, powder materials and liquid products, the most modern in this part of Europe, have been opened. The production capacity of the styrofoam factory is 500,000 m3/year, and the production capacity of powder materials and liquid products has been increased to 350,000 t/year. The most advanced automated storage system has also been installed. A clear vision and strategy led to the growth of revenues in 2019, which was achieved by improving existing and launching new products, market penetration and entering new markets.

What would you highlight as a significant moment in the business of your company?

– We were aware of the necessity of digitalization back in 2014 when we successfully implemented Micosoft AX. Last year, we went a step further and introduced all the key modules of the SAP ERP business system that standardized processes and further raised the level of efficiency and productivity. The WMS automatic storage system has also been successfully introduced, and implementations of the DMS-Document Management System and the TMS-Transport Management System are in preparation.

– In order to strengthen the brand and the company’s reputation, a repositioning was performed in 2019, which included a new marketing strategy and a change of visual identity. The brand architecture was redefined and the packaging was redesigned.

– An important element in the company’s business included the improvement of the organizational structure, starting from the highest level of management through the strengthening of existing divisions and the formation of new ones, which will ensure even better business results in the future.

What are your plans for next year?

– Taking into account that the foundations of the business strategy were strengthened during 2019, and guided by macroeconomic indicators, as well as the growing needs of the market, we believe that new perspectives open up for further steps in conquering the European market.

– There are also plans for opening new production plants. There will be opportunities to talk about that topic as well.

What changes in the market do you expect in the coming years and how should companies prepare?

– The expansion of the real estate and construction markets is greater than ever. There was an increase in real estate sales, which is 12% higher than in the same period last year, with a price increase of 10%. In this regard, constant adjustment and flexible response to market trends should be an imperative to act with continuous improvement of products and quality of relationships in the business chain. The focus should also be on increasing employee satisfaction and motivation by providing access to new knowledge and creating opportunities for professional advancement.

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