New year’s interview: a review of business in 2020 and plans for the next year

New year’s interview: a review of business in 2020 and plans for the next year

New year’s interview: a review of business in 2020 and plans for the next year

New year’s interview: a review of business in 2020 and plans for the next year

Dejan Čolović, the owner of the company Banja Komerc Bekament

How was your business in 2020 in the conditions of the world pandemic compared to the previous year, on the Serbian market, and how through exports? (if you can express in percentage the ratio of turnover compared to last year)

Despite a pandemic of global proportions, our company has managed to adapt well to the challenges, react adequately, reorganize quickly, maintain all work processes and boldly continue on the path of further progress and development.

We turned to each other, kept the team spirit, continued to work with focus and show solidarity.  We are dedicated to the development of the organizational structure and this year we strengthened the Bekament family with more than 40 new employees.

We also tried to be a support to all our stakeholders, and as good creates good, this year has brought us significant growth both in terms of turnover and in terms of brand strengthening.

I am proud of the fact that we have managed to fully implement all strategic activities and decisions defined by the annual business plan, and even to exceed the set standards.

The positive business trend has continued in all markets in which we are present. During this challenging year, we recorded an increase of more than 10% in export markets, and we can boast of results that imply an increase in turnover by as much as 30% in the Serbian market.

What are your expectations regarding turnover in the following year?

As I have already mentioned, the company Bekament has successfully completed the current business year and recorded a significant increase in turnover compared to the previous one. We have strengthened our market position, as well as brand recognition throughout the ex-Yugoslavia area, invested in new technologies, digitalization and human resources, but also actively worked in the field of socially responsible initiatives.

Such an approach to business has certainly strengthened us internally, but it has also contributed to raising the company’s corporate reputation and credibility. The space is open for us to act even more energetically, more organized and motivated in the future.

Although at this moment it is difficult to say with certainty what kind of macroeconomic environment awaits us next year, I can say for myself that I am optimistic both in terms of growth in our company’s turnover and in terms of business within the entire construction industry.

What are your plans for next year? Are you planning to launch new products on the market, open new plants or other activities?

We are not giving up on the ambitious goals and plans we have set. Investments in various business segments and the Bekament brand itself are something we work on continuously and intensively.  Our intention is to continue to provide top quality and offer innovative products, create new solutions that will further contribute to the improvement of our business, but also show that the construction sector in our country is keeping pace with world trends.

Despite the fact that in the past few years we have had significant investments in new factory plants, i.e. Increasing production capacity and efficiency, that we have continuously worked on improving service levels in the segment of logistics and technical support, expanded distribution, invested in organizational structure and new staff, I can say with certainty that we will not stop there. On the contrary, our vision is to enter the market even more boldly and to take the position of a leader in the region of Southeast Europe in the future.

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