Reconstruction of Aranđelovac general hospital

Reconstruction of Aranđelovac general hospital


Due to the very poor treatment conditions at Aranđelovac General Hospital, the Company Bekament initiated the upgrading of the outpatient part of the hospital containing the resuscitation department, specialist outpatient units as well as the reception of vehicles with patients, reconstruction of part of the ground floor and expansion of admission rooms for the polyclinic outpatient and diagnostic areas. The Company invested financial funds and merchandise and further organized the Foundation, which continued to manage the reconstruction of the hospital in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, local government and businessmen of the city of Aranđelovac.

Also, at the request of the Foundation, Serbian operators assigned it an SMS humanitarian number through which all interested citizens could donate money to help raise funds for the rehabilitation of the hospital. All activities undertaken and implemented have contributed to the improvement of social and health care of citizens and the provision of better conditions for work in health care facilities.



The major donors:

  • Peštan DOO Bukovik
  • Stublina
  • Fortuna Market DOO Aranđelovac
  • Banja Komerc Bekament DOO Banja
  • Zapis DOO Aranđelovac
  • Ćira DOO Aranđelovac
  • Betonjerka Sip DOO Banja
  • Novoterm plus DOO Aranđelovac
  • Arbag DOO Aranđelovac
  • Knjaz Miloš DOO Aranđelovac
  • Ciglana Univerzum
  • Opština Aranđelovac
  • Vinarija Aleksandrović
  • Papir Plast Aranđelovac
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