SiproFix BK 90

Ceramic tile adhesive for indoor use.

SiproFix BK 90

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For bonding ceramic tiles to wall and floor surfaces, only to solid substrates (mortars based on cement, lime and concrete-based mortars), for internal use, excellent adhesion and high strength.


The substrate to which the adhesive is applied must be solid, clean, durable, non-frozen, free from efflorescence, oil residues or paint. Before bonding the tiles, it is advisable to apply the BK-Ultra Prime primer diluted according to the instructions in order to improve the adhesion of the adhesive. The preparation is performed by adding the 25 kg powder to about 6.5 l of water with vigorous stirring until complete homogenization. Allow the compound to rest for about 10 minutes, then stir again to obtain a suitable density of adhesive. Apply the adhesive using a serrated trowel with a suitable tooth size so that at least 65% of the surface of the tile is covered with adhesive. The size of teeth depends on the size of tiles (4-6 mm optimal for tiles size 10-25 cm). Press in the tiles into the adhesive layer on the substrate, and if the surface is uneven, apply the adhesive also to the tile, in order to achieve leveling. Highly absorbent, porous tiles, should be moistened before installation. Remove excess adhesive with a damp sponge and mechanically remove the hardened parts. See product datasheet for more detailed instructions.


Substrate and air temperatures from +5°C to +25°C.

Time for application after opening

about 20 minutes (depending on the substrate).

Possible to grout after

cca. 24h.


Approximately 3-5 kg/m², depending on the surface and thickness of the application.


12 months in original packaging in dry room on pallets.


25 kg