Training Center

Training Center


Continuous education and training are part of the Company’s vision, which emphasizes education as the foundation of future success.

In line with the above, the company opened the Bekament Training Centre in 2014.

Bekament Training Centre provides professional training of façade installers, painters, ceramic tile and parquet floor installers, providing them with professional theoretical and practical training on Bekament products and system solutions, which can improve their knowledge in the field of civil engineering.

Every year, more than 2000 contractors from Serbia and the region complete their training at Bekament Training Centre.

The Bekament Training Centre covers 1,000 square meters of fashionably equipped space within which participants have all the necessary conditions to acquire new knowledge.

The space consists of two parts: a classroom for professional lectures, as well as a section intended for practical training.

The training program within the training centre is designed to provide wide knowledge to the trainees by the Bekament technical support team.

Expert training on Bekament products, system solutions offered by the Company, as well as their practical implementation, enables contractors to receive professional development that will enable them to make progress in their further professional development.

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