Bekatherm EPS Gold

EPS boards of expanded polystyrene

Bekatherm EPS Gold

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Bekatherm EPS GOLD is a façade thermal insulation board with improved performance compared to standard façade thermal insulation boards. It is characterized by lower thermal conductivity with increased mechanical strength. Bekatherm EPS GOLD are boards made of expanded polystyrene without adding any additives in the manufacturing process in accordance with SRPS EN 13163. Intended for installation in contact thermal insulation façade systems (ETICS), Bekatherm EPS GOLD is a thermal insulation layer within the Bekathetm Standard thermal insulation façade system.
Depending on mechanical, safety and thermal requirements, it can be used as a thermal insulation layer in sandwich panels, sandwich walls, for thermal insulation of interior walls, ceilings and roofs.


The product is installed in accordance with the instructions for installation of the contact thermal insulation façade system (ETICS), as well as the general rules for the execution of thermal insulation works in construction.