Thermal insulation façade

Thermal insulation façade


Man has always been searching for protection against natural disasters. This need has evolved over time into a need for comfort. In search of a solution, taking care of nature, we have developed BEKATHERM façade systems that provide long-lasting and reliable protection of business and residential facilities, comfort and warmth that turn a house into a home. The energy efficiency of the BEKATHERM system reduces costs and has a positive impact on the environment. Top quality, ETA certified and mechanical resistance ensure up to 25-year long warranty.

BEKATHERM thermal insulation façade systems provide:

  • Interior space comfort;
  • Savings on heating and cooling costs;
  • Increasing the value of your home/property;
  • Elimination of “cold bridges” in places where a concrete structure is placed in the brick wall, which prevents condensation from occurring in these places and, consequently, from the appearance of a mould.


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