BK-HidroStop Extra

Elastic one-component waterproofing coating.

BK-HidroStop Extra

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Waterproof, elastic coating for horizontal and vertical protection of surfaces from moisture. It is used for waterproofing of potentially damp rooms: kitchens, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, basements, terraces, etc. It is intended for indoor and outdoor use, for positive and negative water pressure ≤1,5 bar. Due to its high flexibility it is suitable for protection of surfaces exposed to stresses.


The substrate to which BK-HidroStop Extra is applied must be solid, dust-free, free of grease, mold and loosely bonded parts. Before applying waterproofing, it is advisable to apply the BK-Ultra Prime primer diluted according to the instructions. In case of old and unevenly absorbent substrates, as well as in the case of porous high absorbent substrates, it is necessary to coat the substrate with diluted BK-Bond, min. 4h before waterproofing. In case of peeled off, worn and/or dusty surfaces, all loosely bonded layers must be removed and then impregnated with BK-Penetrat. It is necessary to thoroughly wash the concrete surfaces with hot water in order to remove the impurities present and then coat with BK-BetonKontakt. The coating is prepared by adding 20 kg of powder in about 6 l of water, until complete homogenization. Allow the compound to rest for about 5 minutes and stir again. Use prepared compound within 2 hours. The coating is applied by brush in two coats, by crossing motions, until the surface is completely covered. The thickness of one layer is approximately 1 mm, and the second layer is applied after the previous one has hardened. The waterproofing coating should be protected from rapid drying. After 12 hours from the application of the last layer, the surface is ready for laying ceramics (for gluing use flexible adhesives SiproFix BK-110 Flex, BK-160 Super Flex, BK-155 Rapid White, BK-170 Elastic or BK-160 White). See product datasheet for more detailed instructions.


Approximately 2-2. 5 kg/m2, depending on the quality of the substrate.


12 months in original packaging in dry room on pallets.


5 kg.