BK-HidroStop Premium

Flexible one-component acrylic based waterproofing coating

BK-HidroStop Premium

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One-component polymeric emulsion-based waterproofing coating for horizontal and vertical protection of interior surfaces from moisture. Used for waterproofing kitchens, bathrooms, showers, basements, etc. before laying the ceramics. Suitable for use in underfloor heating systems. Especially used for waterproofing surfaces of gypsum board.


The substrate on which BK-HidroStop Premium should be applied must be dry, firm, dust-free, free of grease, mold and loose parts. Surfaces must be flat, without major bumps or cracks. Before applying waterproofing, it is advisable to coat the BK-Ultra Prime substrate 4 hours before applying the waterproofing. In case surfaces that are peeled of, worn and / or dusty surfaces, all loosely bonded layers must be removed and then impregnated with BK-Penetrat prior to application of the membrane. BK-HidroStop Premium is applied undiluted with a brush in two coats up to 1 mm thick. At the joints and corners a rubberized BK-Tape waterproofing tape is placed, which needs to be sunk into the first layer of waterproofing. The second coat is applied after 2 hours of drying, by cross-dressing. After 12 hours after application of the second coat, the surface is ready for laying ceramics (use flexible adhesives BK-160 SuperFlex, BK-155 Rapid White, BK-170 Elastic or BK-160 White for bonding). See product datasheet for detailed instructions.


About 0.5 – 0.6 kg / m2 / mm, depending on the quality of the substrate.


12 months in original dry pallet box.


5; 10 kg