Decorative coating with a rustic rust effect


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Water-based paint intended for the decoration of interior surfaces, the application of which gives an attractive appearance to the painted walls.

It is suitable for modern environments that require elegance or rustic style, both for public places and private homes. BK-Rustic can be washed after three weeks of application, it is characterized by good vapour permeability and is non-flammable. It does not contain solvents and pigments that contain lead and chromium.

BK-Rustic is available in two techniques: BK-Rustic Art Style 1 and BK-Rustic Art Style 2.

1 – BK-Rustic Art Style 1 is obtained by applying a base that is tinted in the desired shade according to the Bekament Rustic tone chart, and then applied to the tinted BK-Deco Acryl foundation C43.

2 – BK-Rustic Art Style 2 is obtained by applying a non-tinted base on a BK-Deco Acryl base which is tinted in the desired shade according to the Bekament Rustic tone chart.


The substrate on which the mass is applied must be firm, clean and dry, without loose joints, greasy stains, etc. Suitable substrates are all surfaces levelled with BK-GletEx Universal or BK-GletEx Acryl. Smoothed surfaces should be coated with BK-Deco Acryl primer (drying time min. 6 h). After toning, the mass is mixed slowly, by hand, and after that, the product is ready for use. The product prepared in this way must be used within 15 days.

It is applied with a DECOR brush in one or, if necessary, in two layers (for the needs of greater fullness), in all directions. When the applied material starts to dry (20-30 minutes after application), light ironing and smoothing are started using Hoble stainless steel 20×8 cm. Ironing can be done in the diagonal direction or all directions, depending on the desired effect. The coating is completely dry after 24 hours.


About 150-250 ml / m2 depending on the application technique.


24 months in the original packaging. Store at temperatures from + 50C to + 250C, protected from sunlight and frost.


2,5 l.